1. Identification data

Personal data processor:
Commercial name: DATAcrea s.r.o.
Address: Slovenskej jednoty 10
Registration number (IČO): 36211931
Statutory body: Ing. Alexander Timko
Registered at: District Court Košice I, Section Sro, Insert No: 13030/V

(hereinafter „the Processor“)


2. List of personal data, purpose of data processing and category of personal data

Processor processes following personal data:

Name of personal data Category of personal data
Nickname Common personal data
First and Last name Common personal data
E-mail Common personal data
Nationality Common personal data
Age Common personal data
Sex Common personal data
Tee Common personal data
Handicap Common personal data
Left- or Right-handedness Common personal data


Processor processes personal data in extent and form in which they are provided to him on the website and in Creative Golf software.


3. Legal basis of personal data processing

Legal basis of processing of data of the person concerned is the permission to process the data provided by the person.


4. Optionality of providing personal data

  1. Processor collects personal data from person concerned in the extent necessary to establish contact.
  2. Person concerned (natural person) provides personal data on a voluntary basis.


5. Time period of data storage

The data is stored for an indefinite period.


6. Rights of the person concerned

  1. The person concerned has the right, on the basis of a written request sent electronically or by mail, to:
    1. Request confirmation from the processor as to whether their personal data are being processed or not
    2. Request a list of their personal data which are being processed
    3. Request correction of their personal data which are being processed
    4. Request deletion of their personal data
    5. Request limitation of processing of their personal data
    6. Refuse processing of their personal data
    7. Request transfer of their personal data
    8. Possibility to withdraw their permission at any given time
  2. The person concerned can file a motion for commencement of action regarding personal data protection at a competent authority, when suspecting that the data processing is unauthorized
  3. If the person concerned is not eligible for legal acts in their full extent, they can exercise these rights through their legal representative or guardian
  4. If the person concerned is no longer alive, their rights may be exercised by their relative according to aforementioned Act


7. Confidentiality

Processor commits to take measures to ensure confidentiality and security of the processed data during processing of the data or afterwards.


8. Disclosure of personal data

Processor commits not to disclose any of the personal data provided by the person concerned.


9. Truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness of personal data

The person concerned providing their personal data, is responsible for their truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness.


10. Privacy policy for mobile applications

Enabling the location function is optional; however, disabling the function limits the use of some features:

  • tracking of location on the green according to the position of the device
  • tracking of route to the course according to the location of the device

Enabling the storage function is optional; however, disabling the function limits the use of some features:

  • saving score cards for use outside of the application, e.g. sending via email
  • saving of advertising images

Enabling the telephone function is optional; however, disabling the function limits the use of some features:

  • contacting the reception or a contact person of the golf resort directly via the application