How to set accurate ball flight direction for the Skytrak, Foresight GC2, QUAD, Flightscope Mevo+, X3, Xi

Here are some tips for setting up device for accurate measurement (especially chips and putt direction) and subsequent display ball flight in Creative Golf software.

1) You need to have the centre of the canvas and the centre of the image in one horizontal line. (Middle of picture=middle of screen – set the projector )

2)The place for hitting the ball (Skytrak- laser red dot) should be in the middle of the playing area – on one line: ball <-> the centre of the image <- > centre of the canvas.


  • It is only for setting in the Playing Area is HITTING POSITION as “One in the middle” (Point 3.).
  • For other settings (different hitting ball positions for the different strokes), keep position in one line of ball and centreline on the picture. For the Flightscope use recommended device and ball placement.

3) You need to enter the correct image dimensions into the software (SETTINGS -> PLAYING AREA). Set “CANVAS” mode first and correct dimensionsand distance.

4) Select Practice on the chip distance (20-30m) PRACTICE-> DRIVING RANGE -> Range Academy and select in the right window in DEFINE POSITION some green and PIN DISTANCE 20-30m.

 ( It’s good for seeing the center line on the picture and the flag.)

5) Make a few short shots, try to play in the middle of the screen.

6) If the ball on the screen flies on picture more to the left of center line (or of point of hitting to canvas) turn the device slightly to the left and vice versa.

Note: for a putts testing and device adjusting use ideal flat green, for example in Range Academy – ball position on a training green:

7) Advance tip: If the center setting is OK, that mean the ball at the chip to the center of the canvas will fly out of the center of the picture, but the side strokes into the canvas more to the right / left as they should be, it is possible that the projector scaling the width of the image.

You can fine-tune this by changing the CANVAS WIDTH parameter to the native image width value. If it ball flight shows more from the center as a ball hitting point on the canvas, increase value at a CANVAS WIDTH  and vice versa.

Have a nice play!