The new update 2.11. released!

What’s new in 2.11?

The main changes in, which will certainly please you:

• The “Floating Grid” function will allow you to read the green more easily and thus improve your putting.

Moving objects, with their direction and speed, make a lateral break clearly visible.

• Redesigned scorecards.

– In addition to a clearer design, data for net games has been added so that you can more clearly see the process of assigning a playing handicap

– Your result on the hole: Par, Birdie, and others is highlighted

We remind you that already with version 2.10.  free course editor has been released for Creative Golf owners. A powerful drawing tool for drawing a golf course.

You can draw your own virtual or real home field and play on the simulator.

In addition, in the 2.10 was added:

• New types of online games (Match and Barrels). You can play with anyone in the world.

• New improvements, for example

– improved golf course search by name

– correction of scoring, especially net games, when the hole ends prematurely.

Check the availability of the update via SETTINGS -> UPDATE VERSION

Have a nice game, Creative Golf development team