Creative Golf 3D – version 2.6.

What’s new in the Creative Golf 3D 2.6 update?

Note: Program update will keep your playgrounds, individual program settings, and saved games. Only install the update if your program version is 2.5 or older (lower number). The program version can be found in the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen.

Upgrading to version 2.6 from a lower version of CG3D is free.

Improvements of CG3D 2.6 over 2.5


1.     Tournaments – new types of competitions and evaluation.

World Ranking

Players who successfully finish any public tournament can earn a certain number of points in the global ranking of players, depending on their position in the tournament. The most points are awarded for the first three places in the tournament results table, but a certain amount of points can also be obtained for participating in the tournament. The amount of points awarded for placing in a tournament depends on the type and complexity of the tournament.

The ranking will be maintained every year and the winner will receive an interesting reward.

New types of online tournaments

It is possible to create tournaments and competitions of new types of games, which are included in the Golfisimo game package.

You can create a private tournament from game competitions from the Golfisimo package: Darts, Shooting Range, Cast Away as well as Biathlon.

For more information see the description of the Golfisimo 2.6 games here.

More information about tournaments and players

Players are better informed about tournaments and players who have placed in the leaderboard, as well as about their own placement in all tournaments.

Interim results in the online tournament game.

During the game, your interim results are recorded in the scoreboard after each hole.

This way, you can simultaneously play with teammates anywhere in the world and track and compare game progress during the game.

2.     Terrain Influence

Version 2.6. introduces terrain influence on the player’s game. If the ball lies in tall grass, in the woods, or in the sand, the stroke will be reduced according to the type of terrain. The size of the reduction is affected not only by the type of substrate, but also by the depth of the ball sinking, which depends on the impact of the ball, as well as the method of stroke from a given position.

There is no reduction when playing on the fairway or the green, and only your stroke is decisive.

This option brings indoor play closer to outdoor play, as it forces the player to avoid hazards and tall grass, as it brings many disadvantages.

3.     Compatibility with new products

When you install the Golfisimo golf game software and the Creative Golf 3D software, the two softwares merge and can be controlled from a single environment.

Golfisimo 2.6 brings new types of entertaining and training games: Cast Away, War of the Roses, Biathlon, Shooting Range. More on Golfisimo 2.6.

Upgrading to version 2.6 will give you access to additional courses (see link), which are included in the basic CG3D package free of charge, as well as the option to switch to full access to all courses in the “Course Library” package (more than 160 courses at the time).


4.     Other improvements and benefits

  • Improved graphics (sea simulation, grass view, state identification)
  • Clearer trajectory of the short strokes
  • Introduction of metric units of speed “kph”
  • Improved tracking device connection management
  • Improved detection of Internet problems and server connections
  • Several internal software enhancements