Creative Golf 3D – version 2.7.

What’s new in the Creative Golf 3D 2.7 update?

Note: Program update will keep your playgrounds, individual program settings, and saved games. Only install the update if your program version is 2.6 or older (lower number). The program version can be found in the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen.

Upgrading to version 2.7 from a lower version of CG3D is free.

Attention: For Foresight devices, version 2.7 works only for the Foresight account “FSX Live” owners with a valid license.

Improvements of CG3D 2.7 over 2.6


New physics of ball impact and movement on the green

  • realistic chipping

Your chips will take into account the launch angle and impact of the ball on the green, so you can achieve a nice long-rolling chip or minimal rolling (eg Iron8: carry/roll approx. 30/70, PW: carry/roll approx. 70/30….)

  • full shot better reflects the backspin of the ball

Full shots to the green better reflect the backspin of the ball, you can stop the landing ball on the green, or roll back.

  • new putting model

The new putting model respects the setting of the speed of green according to standards and at the same time incorporates the latest knowledge from the physics of putting on real grass (hope, skid, sliding). Eliminates the shortcomings of movement on the “ideal plane”, especially for long putts.

Custom setting of green parameters

  • green speed according to “stimpmeter” standards

The green speed can be adjusted according to USGA standards measured by a stimpmeter from 4 to 12 ft. With the user settings, you can fine-tune the speed of the greens according to your mat. Alternatively, you can adjust the speed of the greens so that putting is pleasant and manageable for you, or try to play on fast greens used in professional tournaments

  • green hardness fine tunning

In addition to the default green hardness settings (Soft, Medium, Hard), you can also fine-tune this parameter with a custom setting.

  • the effect of green quality on the application of the backspin

This new parameter allows you to set what effect the backspin of the ball will have after hitting the green. It then depends on how the backspin is applied, which has a major impact on the subsequent rolling or back-rolling.

This setting depends on your measuring device (how precise backspin provides), the quality of your clubs, and your skill. By setting this parameter, you can achieve the same ball behavior after impact to green as you are used to in nature.


New parameters of the golf course grass

  • harder fairways, softer greens, less permeable rough grass (rough, deep grass)

Your drives will be longer, because after the ball bounces on the fairway, the ball more continues to roll, On the contrary, it will try to stay on the green. The ball will minimal rolling on the tall grass around the fairways.

  • elimination of long topped shots

Defective shots with a launch angle below 5 ° will be braked by the terrain, depending on the angle of impact on the terrain, and will not roll inappropriately on the fairway.

and more….